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BBIFF: Dosed

What if it’s possible to cure addiction painlessly using psychedelics? This award-winning documentary follows Adrianne, a woman struggling with anxiety, depression and a long-term addiction to opioids. Can iboga and magic mushrooms cure her?

Psychedelics saved our friend’s life. She had been contemplating suicide after struggling with depression and anxiety all her life, and addiction for 20 years. Her cocktail of psychiatric medications had failed her. With nowhere to turn, she heard whispers of new, cutting-edge research on psychedelic medicine.

The idea of microdosing magic mushrooms led to full doses, therapeutic doses, heroic doses, and more, as she was catapulted out of her depression and into an unexpected world of healing. A world in which plant medicines like psilocybin and iboga are quickly redefining our understanding of mental health and addiction.

Dosed is a documentary feature about a passionate group effort to raise awareness and save lives. When the film is released it will help millions of people worldwide.

NSW Premiere
Canada | 82 minutes | Directed by Tyler Chandler

Screens with “Anacronte” (animation) | 15m | Directed by Raul Koler, Emiliano Sette | Byron Premiere

All $15