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BBIFF: Kifaru

Tracking an extinction in real time, Kifaru provides a devastating but essential awareness of the consequences of human behaviour.

The film documents the final years of the last male northern white rhino, a “kifaru” named Sudan, and the experiences of the rangers that protect and care for him. Its focus on the people surrounding Sudan charges the film with unshakeable human relevance.

We witness the rangers’ lives revolving around the rhinos — in their daily routines, their devotion, and their growing anxiety around loss of livelihood in the face of Sudan’s looming mortality.

The cinematography lingers, to beautifully capture the Kenyan countryside and the lives within it, providing the film with a contemplative quality that balances its heaviness.

Australian Premiere
United States | 81 minutes | Directed by David Cambridge

Screens with “Kofi and Lartey” (short doc) | 20m | Directed by Sasha Rainbow | Australian Premiere

All $15