Brunswick Picture House

30 Fingal Street, Brunswick Heads NSW 2483

Boi Akih

Monica Akihary and Niels Brouwer, known as Boi Akih, are winning increasing acclaim for their concerts.

Norwegian magazine Jazznytt wrote: “It was all captivating, each minimalistic expression by either guitar or voice, every sound variation in Akihary’s great vocal vocabulary, each crisp or subtle phrase on Brouwer’s guitar, every powerful discharge from this perfectly attuned duo would make Charlie Parker long to come back to life.”

Boi Akih has developed a distinctive repertoire, one in which cultural roots form the basis for composition, improvisation and text. The new program of the duo reflects the development of their own musical language whereby sound and elements from various traditions take on a new meaning.

The warm and lithe voice of Akihary and the guitar playing of Brouwer offers the audience a vista of a world filled with emotion and colour. A concert by this duo is an amazing experience. The voice of Akihary is exceptionally nuanced. With her spot on timing, tone and charismatic personality, she immediately touches the heart of the listener, just as Brouwer’s abstract passages sounds warm throughout.

Adult $25 | Concession $22