Brunswick Picture House

30 Fingal Street, Brunswick Heads NSW 2483

Bunny Racket

For three Saturdays in January, Bunny Racket will be holding residence at the Brunswick Picture House. In addition, you’ll be one of the first to see an episode of their upcoming web series at the show!

Bunny Racket is Rock ‘n’ Roll for kids. Pure and simple. King Bunny is a guitar-wielding, skateboarding, nature-loving rabbit with a passion to share his love of rock ’n’ roll. Bunny Racket is born of King Bunny’s fierce love for rock music and a yearning for kid-friendly tunes that are relevant and positive. King Bunny travels the open highways in his old van, seeking collaboration, inspiration and knowledge, and on a quest to share his unique brand of rock ‘n’ roll with the younger generation of bunny racketeers and to create the greatest kids’ rock record of all time.

Bunny Racket is also about to launch a rock ‘n’ roll web series that’s set to inspire and teach kids how to create music and rock out with the whole family!

The Bunny Racket Live show will have the whole family in fits of rock ’n’ roll bliss! Just imagine the Ramones and KISS teaming up with Cat in the Hat and AC/DC. Don’t miss this!

All $15 | Family of 4 $55

Discount: 10% (Early bird)