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Jazz Film Festival: Dingo (M)

Rated: Rated M 15+ | Year: 1991 | Director: Rolf der Heer | Cast: Miles Davis, Colin Friels, Helen Buday

On a hot day in Poona Flat, Western Australia, in 1969, legendary American jazz trumpeter Billy Cross (Miles Davis) plays an impromptu concert on the tarmac after his plane makes an unscheduled stop. John Anderson (Daniel Scott), aged nine, decides on the spot to become a trumpet player.

Twenty years later, John (Colin Friels) has developed a unique style based on the sounds of the Australian bush, particularly the dingo, but he’s still in Poona Flat. He makes a living as a dogger (a man who traps and shoots dingoes) and dreams of going to Paris to play with Billy Cross. He has kept in touch with his idol, sending letters and tapes of his music. Approaching his 30th birthday, and without telling his wife Jane (Helen Buday), Anderson flies to Paris. He wants to know if he’s good enough.

Billy Cross is now an ailing recluse, but he and his French wife (Bernadette Lafont) take him in. John makes his solo debut at a famous club and Billy comes out of retirement to join him on stage. John returns to Poona Flat, in time for his ‘surprise’ birthday party.

Dingo is an extremely eccentric illustration of a perennial movie theme: that one must follow one’s dreams.
— Paul Byrnes

Adult $18 | Conc. $16 | Adult Sat Double $30 | Conc Sat Double $24