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Me & Her — A documentary about Clits

Your friends know her. Your sister knows her. Even your grandmother knows her. So, why aren’t we talking about her? (and why can’t your boyfriend find her?) Because she’s under-represented, under-appreciated and under-discussed.

Me & Her is a short, 30-minute documentary directed by Byron-based filmmaker Vicky Jay exploring women’s relationships with their clits.

For some the clit is about pleasure, for others, power, and for many she is connected with feelings of shame. Vicky interviewed 53 Australian women between the ages of 15 and 74 from all walks of life. They share the intimate details of their relationship with their magic button, give advice on how to treat her best, and even reveal what went down on their first meeting.

The 28-year-old English-born photographer and filmmaker states, “what started out as an investigation into the clit turned into an exploration about a woman’s right to pleasure. My mission with this project is to start a conversation, to push the boundaries slightly, to challenge social norms and give women, ALL women a chance to be heard.”

The ground-breaking documentary poses such questions as ‘why is it that nobody has been or is being taught about the clit and its functions?’ and ‘why is it that every woman knows how to ‘get off’ a man before even hearing the word clitoris?’ All of these important questions and more get explored through the wonderful people in this documentary.

The story of each clit is unique*. And such a story has never been told,
until now…

* Seriously, get ready for tales of life-altering horse rides and hitting the big-O on a bike off the beaten track.

Join us for the very special world premiere of Me & Her at the Brunswick Picture House, the first public screening before its launch on to the international festival circuit. The event will include a Q&A with director Vicky Jay and other panel members, along with a short comedy act.

There will be a raffle held on the evening to raise money for a charity called Desert Flower Foundation — and the important work they do to raise awareness of this cruel practice of Female Genital Mutilation. Many local businesses have donated gifts for the raffle and tickets will be sold on the night.

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