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A Quest to Heal — Beyond the Physical

A new documentary by Michelle Mahrer (director of Dances of Ecstasy)

Joao Texeira de Faria, also known as John of God, is a world-famous spiritual healer from Brazil who has been attributed to many miracles that science cannot explain. His work attracts both controversy and acclaim.

For the past 30 years, thousands of people from all over the world have been flocking to his remote village in Brazil in search of cures for illnesses Western medicine offers little hope. Ten years in the making, filmmaker Michelle Mahrer follows the journey of two of her friends on a healing odyssey to Brazil — Lya Shaked from Australia has terminal cancer, and Fred Porter from USA has HIV. How will their journey unfold?

With compelling cinematography and a poetic visual style, A Quest To Heal — Beyond The Physical is an intimate human story that invites us to consider new ways of healing beyond the western medical model, exploring the healing powers of the heart.

What people are saying about the film:

“This movie casts a light on a topic many doctors fear to tread”
—Dr Marc Cohen

A Quest To Heal — Beyond The Physicalis a moving and insightful film. It reminds us that healing extends beyond conventional Western medical notions, and invites us to consider the miraculous”
— Megan Wynne Jones

A Quest To Heal — Beyond The Physical is a journey of discovery into what it means to heal. It offers audiences new ways of looking at the healing journey beyond the western medical model of curing the physical body. I hope this film will help people on their healing journey offering ways they can help themselves, whether they are suffering from a physical illness, a mental or emotional crises or preparing for death”
— Michelle Mahrer

Followed by a Q&A with the film maker, Michelle Mahrer


Adult $15 | Concession $13