Brunswick Picture House

30 Fingal Street, Brunswick Heads NSW 2483

“SILENCIO” Film Screening with live accompaniment by SOUNDTRAK

SILENCIO draws a timeline: from the very birth of experimental motion pictures — the first animation — through to the most current technologies.

This performance explores over 100 years of painstaking endeavour to create impossible dreams through moving image. Includes rare films from early animation legends Hans Ricter and Emil Cohl, and moving animation by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney, the extraordinary duo SOUNDTRAK creates a wonderful aural world with live music and sound to complement these cinematic gems.

Featuring master percussionist Ben Walsh and string virtuoso Shenzo Gregorio — SOUNDTRAK brings together strings, drums and technology to make some of the most unlikely sonic textures possible from two human beings. They will follow the screening/performance of ‘Silencio’ with a celebratory set of exhilarating improvised live music.

BEN WALSH is celebrated as one of Australia’s most accomplished percussionists and performers. Touring professionally as a musician and drummer since the age of 18, his musical accolades cross many styles from circus, theatre, dance, electronic music to world music. In the last decade he has composed for orchestra and film through projects such as Shaun Tan’s The Arrival with Orchestra of the Underground and live electronic duo The Bird.

SHENZO GREGORIO is a multi-award winning musician known for his work with the celebrated FOURPLAY quartet. He is currently the only stunt violinist in the world due to his love of suspending himself from heights up to 28 metres, from various famous landmarks while performing. He is the recipient of an ARIA Award, the Golden Fiddle Award and Best of the Adelaide Fringe Award.

4pm: “Silencio” accompanied by Soundtrak live
5:15pm: Intermission
5:30pm–6:15pm: Soundtrak live

Adult $27 | Concession $25